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Walmart Canada and OrderCup partner to deliver integrated shipping services

July 22, 2020

OrderCup is excited to launch a partnership with Walmart Canada to integrate their marketplace and offer merchants an additional selling channel. By joining the Walmart Canada Marketplace, merchants will have the opportunity to reach 14 million unique visitors each month and to join the thousands of suppliers and sellers that call themselves Walmart partners. As a Marketplace seller, you will have control over your business, including inventory, retail pricing, fulfillment, and customer care.

OrderCup understands the importance of the omni-channel seller model and the challenges that merchants like you face every day to compete and expand your online presence. We are committed to expanding our shopping cart and marketplace selling options while providing an integrated order management and shipping experience. OrderCup is already a partner with and this integration allows US merchants to also sell and fulfill orders from using OrderCup.

Our integration allows you to easily import your orders from the Walmart Canada marketplace and other selling channels, ship them using one of the multiple carriers, update your orders with shipment information, and trigger shipment tracking emails to your buyers. We support a comprehensive set of features focused on saving you time and money - automating and streamlining the end-end shipping process and providing built-in shipping and insurance discounts with many leading carriers for both domestic and international shipping. To learn more about OrderCup, contact us at 877-240-3545 x1 or


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