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OrderCup and QuickBooks Online deliver streamlined, discounted shipping

July 29, 2023
OrderCup and Quickbooks Online

OrderCup, a leading cloud-based ecommerce order management and shipping platform, and  QuickBooks Online, a rapidly growing ecommerce platform, announced a strategic partnership that will streamline the ecommerce order management and shipping process for online merchants.

The integration of OrderCup with QuickBooks Online powerful ecommerce platform will enable online merchants to manage their sales receipt  and shipping from a single, user-friendly interface. The seamless integration between the two platforms will eliminate the need for manual data entry and provide merchants with discounted shipping and insurance, rate shopping, shipping label generation, shipment tracking, returns and more.

"We're excited to launch this partnership with QuickBooks Online,  a powerful and innovative solution for ecommerce merchants looking for an easy to use platform to manage their online business.  Through our partnership, we bring our industrial strength shipping platform to their millions of users", said Aloke Nath, CEO of OrderCup. "We will help QuickBooks Online merchants streamline their shipping operations, save time and money and provide an exceptional customer experience."

Both QuickBooks Online and OrderCup share a common mission: to deliver cutting-edge and user-friendly solutions. By leveraging OrderCup's powerful, streamlined, and cost-effective shipping solution, our valued merchants can now save substantial time and money on their shipping processes, allowing them to prioritize business growth. Working collaboratively, our goal is to create a seamless and effortless fulfillment experience for all clients, empowering them to scale their businesses to new heights.

Key features of the OrderCup and QuickBooks Online integration include:

  • Simple Installation: Easily link your QuickBooks Online store to OrderCup  from within your existing OrderCup Account.
  • Discounted Shipping and Insurance: QuickBooks Online merchants will be able to access built-in, heavily discounted shipping rates from major carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, Sendle and DHL that are up to 85% off retail rates and discounted OrderCup insurance that is up to 65% off carrier rates.
  • Label Generation: Define shipping profiles and rules, so that they can generate shipping labels and update QuickBooks Online in a single click, or ina batch, eliminating the need for manual data entry.
  • Rate Shopping: Compare rates and delivery times  easily across configured carrier services to select the best  option.
  • Shipment Tracking: Buyers automatically receive tracking updates when the order is updated with tracking information in QuickBooks Online . Additionally, merchants can see real-time tracking progress in OrderCup, enabling them to handle customer inquiries efficiently and accurately.

Attention all QuickBooks Online users: The OrderCup and QuickBooks Online integration is now accessible to you! Streamline your ecommerce order management and shipping operations by learning more about this powerful integration on our App Store listing. Explore its benefits and start optimizing your business today!

About OrderCup

OrderCup is a cloud-based ecommerce shipping and order management platform designed to help online merchants streamline and automate their shipping operations.  With our integration to 50 leading ecommerce platforms and shipping carriers, built-in discounted shipping and comprehensive shipping features, OrderCup  helps merchants save time and money, enabling them to focus on growing their business, 

About QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks is the most popular small business accounting software used to manage income and expenses and keep track of financial health.


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