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OrderCup supports Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime

November 16, 2015
OrderCup Support for Amazon Seller

Consumers love Amazon Prime for its free and reliable two-day prime shipping. Amazon is now extending this program to merchants that do their own fulfillment via the Seller Fulfilled Prime program. This allows Sellers who store and ship their own inventory to offer Prime-eligible items on Amazon can see a significant increase in sales. Participants in this program are required to buy their shipping labels via Amazon.

OrderCup has released support for Amazon Seller Fulfilled Prime and Amazon Buy Shipping to streamline your entire fulfillment process! Merchants who are part of the program can user Ordercup's comprehensive feature set to ship their Prime orders using the same workflow they use to ship their normal orders from Amazon.

The features include:

  • Fetching and identifying Amazon Prime orders on the Orders Page.
  • Integration with Amazon Buy Shipping so you can print Prime shipping labels directly from OrderCup.
  • Ability to receive a list of eligible services with costs and delivery timeframes, and print the desired shipping label.
  • Update your Amazon Prime order with fulfillment and tracking information, and notify the buyer.
  • Cancel the shipment if needed by simply voiding the label in OrderCup.

Rob Latham from Quickcandles, a leading online candles retailer said "OrderCup has done a great job of integrating support for fulfilling Amazon Prime orders into our normal custom shipping workflow! Now thanks to OrderCup, with our fully integrated Amazon Prime fulfillment process, we can easily handle the significantly increased volume of orders we are receiving with our Amazon partnership.”


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