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Introducing ‘Automated’ Cubic Pricing for Priority Mail

April 21, 2016
OrderCup Cubic Pricing

Most shippers using USPS Priority mail are familiar with how "Cubic Pricing" can reduce Priority Mail shipping costs dramatically for small but dense packages. (For a quick primer, visit this blog post at our partner Endicia. Oh, and don't worry about that high volume requirement - OrderCup customers are automatically qualified even if you don't ship 50,000 Packages a year!)

We're excited to announce OrderCup's Automated Cubic Pricing feature, which means that there's no need for you to check whether a particular Priority Mail package qualifies for Cubic pricing or not. Ship as usual, and simply ensure that you are entering package dimensions when shipping. Whenever a shipment qualifies for Cubic pricing, OrderCup will automatically process the shipment as qualifying for Cubic pricing, and you will be charged the lower amount! The savings are often spectacular, so keep OrderCup's Cubic Pricing in mind, especially when shipping those small but heavy packages. NOTE: While the level of discount you get may not be as high as that provided by USPS to High Volume shippers, you will be pleasantly surprised at how much OrderCup saves you, for no effort on your part.  


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