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OrderCup Ecommerce Plugin Support
Web Based Shipping Solution

OrderCup streamlines and automates order management, fulfillment and shipping for eCommerce globally. Our innovative, easy to use, web-based system integrates with leading online channels and shipping carriers, allowing you to provide better customer service while saving you time and money!

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Key Features

Web Based Ecommerce Management Software
Fully Web-based
Ecommerce Plugin Key Features
Discounted Global Shipping
Multichannel Shipping Plugin
Multi-channel, Multi-carrier
OrderCup Hardware Support
Key Hardware Support
Ecommerce Fulfilment Automation Rule
Automation Rules
Customer Support
World-class Support and Availability

Why OrderCup

Cost Reduced Shipping

Save Time & Money

We realize that shipping is a major expense in eCommerce, and are focused on saving you time and money! Ship efficiently with intelligent defaults and rules, order syncing to prevent errors, batch shipping to ship hundreds of orders. Or access our built-in discounted shipping and insurance, free packing supplies and pickups or even our free global address verification to save money.

'Ship more for less with OrderCup - your global ecommerce shipping partner!.

Technology Innovation

Access our Innovation

OrderCup is a leader in innovation for shipping with many firsts - web-based direct printing, zero configuration scale support on PCs and Macs, global address validation and the first to integrate with several global carriers. We listen to our customers and continually innovate to make shipping easier and more efficient for everyone.

To know more about our latest innovation and features, follow our blog. Get more shipping done with less pain with OrderCup!

Global Perspective

Gain a Global Perspective

More than half of all ecommerce happens outside the US. And though we are a US based company, we have always had a global perspective, helping our clients service their customers worldwide and also help our customers that are multi-national or located abroad. We were the first to integrate with some carriers in Canada and Europe, and and are continuing to expand our footprint across Asia and Australia.

Follow us on our blog for news and updates on new global integrations and features.

Customer Success

Focused on Customer Success

We are committed to your success. whether you are a small or established shipper - with our Customer Success team, awesome 24x7 support and our enterprise class availability, we go above and beyond to meet our customers expectations.

But don’t take our word for it, check out our customer reviews below on our partners page and give us a test drive!

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