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Save Money, Reduce Customer Support with Global Address Validation

April 30, 2014
Global Address Validation

One of the great benefits of using OrderCup is that you get its Enterprise-quality Address Validation system, built-in. OrderCup Automatically validates USA and international shipping addresses at the point of Shipping, and alerts you whenever there is a potential problem with the ship-to address.

This powerful tool has saved merchants hundreds of thousands of dollars. It can tell you whether a US address is a Business or a Residence, whether it's a valid house number, and whether a key element such as an Apartment# or Suite# is missing. And it doesn't stop there. You can also validate International addresses for more than 230 countries, all embedded in your OrderCup at no additional cost.

Deep Address Validation

Using this feature provides you 3 distinct benefits:

  1. Save address correction fees: As this article suggests, your carrier may charge you hefty address correction fees, which can increase your overall shipping cost significantly. Since these fees are charged after-the-fact, there's no way to recoup them from your customer.
  2. Avoid lost packages: Bad addresses may result in the complete loss of the package, and to add you now have to send another package to the buyers' correct address, further increasing your shipping costs.
  3. Save customer support hassles: This factor, although an intangible, is probably the most significant reason for ensuring that you put the OrderCup address validation system to its maximum use. Time is your most valuable resource, and this tool will help you channel your resources into more productive and beneficial activities.


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