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Rescue Chocolate’s Mission

March 8, 2012
OrderCup Ecommerce Solution

Rescue Chocolate is a one-person company, so OrderCup has been invaluable. I do all of my own shipping and accounting, with no business education in my background! So, I really appreciate how easy and intuitive OrderCup is for those of us who are non-mathematically inclined.

And the best part by far: OrderCup is affordable. That allows me to make larger donations to my animal rescue beneficiaries. Rescue Chocolate is a line of dark chocolate bars and truffles which are only for human consumption, but all the profits are donated to various animal rescue organizations. I need to cover my manufacturing costs, and then the non-profit groups get the rest of the pot. I founded my company in January 2010; so far 22 animal groups have received a month’s worth of profits.

There have also been scores of additional groups that use Rescue Chocolate at their fundraising events: they purchase the product from me at a lower “rescue” wholesale rate, and then resell the product to their clients/supporters at the regular retail rate, pocketing the difference. Rescue Chocolate is found at bricks-and-mortar stores around the country too; those retailers are charged the regular wholesale rate. I offer Rescue Chocolate through my website as well, at the regular retail price. With these three separate ordering and shipping tiers, I definitely rely upon OrderCup to help me keep everything straight.

At the moment, there are 6 flavors of Rescue Chocolate bars and 2 different truffle collections (with names like Peanut Butter Pit Bull, Mission Feral Fig, Bow Wow Bon Bons, and Wild At Heart). In addition to animal people, Rescue Chocolate appeals to the environmentally conscious. All of my packaging is recyclable, and my ingredients are all vegan. The fact that the OrderCup system can be completely paperless fits right into that earth-friendly mentality.

Since Rescue Chocolate is a relatively young company, so far my contributions to animal rescue groups have been modest. But every little bit helps, as we tackle the problem of pet homelessness. Last year in the United States, about 4 million young, healthy dogs and cats had to be killed because municipal animal facilities had no room for them. The groups I support through Rescue Chocolate are reducing that horrendous statistic with a variety of strategies: urging people to spay/neuter their pets, placing animals with foster caregivers until permanent homes can be found, urging landlords to reverse no-pets policies, and implementing many other great ideas.

As Rescue Chocolate grows, I expect to be able to aid even more rescue groups, eventually achieving the goal of making America a no-kill nation. OrderCup will continue to be instrumental in that dream.

Sarah Gross
President, Rescue Chocolate


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