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OrderCup announces USB Scale Support

November 3, 2012
OrderCup USB Scales

OrderCup has long been providing support for leading scales for a few years now, but only scales that supported serial interfaces. Unfortunately serial interfaces are becoming harder to find on today's computers, and require complicated setup both on the user's computer and directly in terms of scale settings.

Today, OrderCup announced the release of auto-detecting, zero-configuration USB scale support. This means that all a user has to do is plug in the scale into the USB port, and OrderCup will detect the scale automatically and there is no configuration required on the scale or uSB port, i.e the Scale, model, USB port, settings are all automatically configured. Additionally, once the scale is setup, all the user has to do is to place the package on the scale and OrderCup will automatically read the weight from the scale and populate the Weight field once you navigate to the Ship Page.

This should be a huge plus for shippers that do not know the weight of their packages ahead of time. Even if the weight of the items have been entered accurately on the shopping cart and OrderCup retrieves this as part of the fetching the order from the cart, the weight of the packaging materials and boxes may cause the weight to be different than what is in the order. Additionally, if you include samples or gift items that may cause the weight to be different. With our auto-detecting and sensing scale support, it makes it a breeze to handle shipments without pre-determined weights! Specifically, we provide:

  • Support for USB scales from many leading manufacturers
  • Automatic detection and configuration of scale(s)
  • Automatic population of weight on Ship page
  • Support for weights in different units - lbs and Kgs
  • Support for Windows platforms, with Mac OS X support coming soon

A key benefit is the breadth of USB scale support. While we have tested scales from a few of the leading USB Manufacturers, we believe that most USB scales will work with OrderCup. Specifically, we have successfully tested with scales from Mettler Toledo, Dymo Endicia, Stamps.com and Fairbanks. The initial release suports scales on the Windows platforms, with support for the Mac OS X platform coming soon.

To learn more and signup for our free trial, visit us at OrderCup today!


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