Shopify Order Management, Fulfillment and Shipping Solution

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Shopify is the leader in multi-channel e-commerce, powering over a million  businesses globally by making it simple for you to build and operate an online business. With our Shopify integration, you can simplify and streamline the order management and fulfillment for your Shopify store and other online selling channels such as Amazon and eBay. OrderCup's first and comprehensive shipping integration makes us the ideal partner to allow you to setup and start shipping in a matter of minutes!

Shopify Integration Features

Easy Setup and Configuration

  • Simple installation - start your free trial by clicking the button below or installing OrderCup from the Shopify App Store.
  • Minimal configuration with our buit-in shipping carriers - just add your payment method and you are ready to ship in minutes!

Automatic Order Fetching and Syncing

  • No more clicking the Fetch Orders button, or fetching orders every few hours! With OrderCup’s push integration, your new orders are in OrderCup automatically and instantly after they are placed and paid for
  • Orders are synced automatically at the point of shipping so that they reflect the latest information and thus prevent errors in shipping.

Multiple Channels and Users

  • Fetch orders from multiple channels including Shopify POS orders.
  • Select the specific order statuses that you want to fetch.

Rich information from Shopify orders and products

  • Retrieve custom buyer-specified fields that are part of the ordering and checkout process such as monograms.r
  • Retrieve Customer Lifetime value information for your orders.

Rich information from Shopify orders and products

  • Retrieve key order and product information needed for shipping - SKU, Product Name, variants, weight, discounts, Customer lifetime value information for your orders.
  • Retrieve custom buyer-specified fields that are part of the ordering and checkout process such as monograms.
  • Retrieve Customer Lifetime value information for your orders.

Shipment and Tracking updates

  • Update orders with shipment information such as carrier, service, tracking number and cost
  • Trigger fully customizable shipment confirmation emails from your Shopify store to your buyer.

Simple or Complex shipping

  • Robust Batch/Bulk shipping saving you valuable time that can be spent on sales and customer service
  • Automatic, fast printing of labels, packing slips  and other documents directly to configured printers
  • Shipping rules to automate everythng from selecting the carrier service to assigning a shipper to process an order
  • Shipping profiles to automatically assign shipping attributes based on the customer's selected shipping method, saving time and minimizing manual shipping errors.
  • Multi channel platform providing you access to all your orders at one place
  • Free global address verification to over 240 countries

Real time shipment tracking

  • Automatic updates of shipment status within OrderCup, eliminating the need to check status on carrier website
  • Detailed tracking updates from shipment creation to delivery, including delivery exceptions
  • Receive notifications when your attention is needed

Discounted Shipping  and Insurance

  • Access to built-in, discounted shipping with many carriers globally. Our list of shipping partners in growing every day
  • Use your own shipping account or the OrderCup's built-in carriers and easily switch between them.
  • Pre-paid system so you can control and track the money you spend on shipping
  • Compare rates across configured carriers to determine most economical or quickest option

Industry Leading Support

  • Highly responsive 24 x 7 customer service. Just sign up with OrderCup and start shipping, our team is here to help if you need us.
  • Rich online knowledge base providing you with answers to most common operations and questions

Installing OrderCup

After you setup up your Shopify online store, simply install the OrderCup shipping app and signup for OrderCup order and shipping management account. You can import all your orders received from different sales channels automatically into OrderCup and ship them using all major USA and UK based carriers.


Ordercup Reviews

from Shopify Customers

  • OrderCup is indispensable for my fulfillment operation. Before OrderCup, we had been struggling with automating the shipping process. With every new release of UPS Worldship, we would have to upgrade every computer, spend hours with UPS customer support and end up with a cobbled-together workflow. It got worse when UPS installed a 3rd party program designed for "handsfree" shipping. It created more headaches until we signed up for OrderCup. From its early stages of development, OrderCup has proved to be a massive timesaver.

  • Previously, our warehouse staff was manually typing in shipping addresses into our FedEx shipping software. Our office staff used to enter tracking numbers manually for emailing to the customers (usually the day after it shipped). When we signed up for OrderCup, it was a huge time saver for us. Now OrderCup takes care of all that with a single click. Our customers get the information much faster which saves us from answering customer service calls. Another benefit is if an order gets printed twice, which happens sometimes, we cannot double-ship it because OrderCup alerts you that the order has already been shipped. There are tons of other features we use and without a doubt using OrderCup has been a major time saver for our entire staff. A great product that I would recommend highly to anyone.

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