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Eliminate costly shipping errors by integrating GroovePacker barcode scanning with your OrderCup workflow. You'll save money every month by preventing errors that result in re-shipments, abandoned products and error-related customer service. Implementing a pick pack scanning system. simplifies training, ensures accuracy and greatly improves customer feedback across your sales channels. GroovePacker is designed to be effortless to use and easy to setup, so you can quickly add it to your existing OrderCup workflow and begin verifying every item you ship without re-thinking and re-training your entire shipping process.


GroovePacker Integration Features

  • Simple setup and configuration in minutes
  • Ability to control export of orders to GroovePacker at a store level
  • Automatically export orders either when created or when shipped to support your workflow
  • Re-export orders as needed to handle changes to orders prior to picking or packing


Key GroovePacker Features

  • Fool Proof Scanning System - Streamlined and Effective
  • Easy Setup - Quick integration so you can start scanning fast
  • Multiple SKUs & Barcodes supported for each product
  • Full support for Kits, Bundles and Multi-packs
  • Optional tracking of physical inventory



Ordercup Reviews

from GroovePacker Customers

  • Previously, our warehouse staff was manually typing in shipping addresses into our FedEx shipping software. Our office staff used to enter tracking numbers manually for emailing to the customers (usually the day after it shipped). When we signed up for OrderCup, it was a huge time saver for us. Now OrderCup takes care of all that with a single click. Our customers get the information much faster which saves us from answering customer service calls. Another benefit is if an order gets printed twice, which happens sometimes, we cannot double-ship it because OrderCup alerts you that the order has already been shipped. There are tons of other features we use and without a doubt using OrderCup has been a major time saver for our entire staff. A great product that I would recommend highly to anyone.

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