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Ordercup + DHL = Your E-commerce Parcel Deliveries Sorted!!!

Three simple steps to start saving for your everyday parcel deliveries

  1. Sign up for OrderCup
  2. Connect your E-commerce Channels to fetch orders (Amazon, eBay, Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce, Lightspeed, Volusion...)
  3. Select the DHL services you want to use and configure your customs form

That's it - Start generating shipping labels.

Parcel delivery made simple with OrderCup - Ship More, Pay Less!

For more details, contact us at [email protected] or +441604600788

OrderCup is fully integrated with all DHL International and domestic services globally. Our integration allows you to get costs, labels and customs documents directly from DHL using their best in class API. Ordercup also supports paperless custom shipping with DHL.

OrderCup offers discounted shipping with DHL in North America and the United Kingdom. You can save on an average 30% on international shipping by using the OrderCup DHL rates.

Choose OrderCup Order Management to get the best out of your DHL Shipping

  • Fully Integrated with DHL Express Worldwide
  • Full support for DHL Domestic in most countries
  • Support for DHL Paperless customs shipping
  • Global Shipping for any origin country

Ordercup Reviews

from DHL Customers

  • OrderCup is the ultimate time and money saver for all our shipping needs. Before OrderCup, our shipping was much more time consuming and we had to start our shipping process much earlier in the day because we had to enter each customers information by hand, copy and paste their tracking information and update their order. Now with OrderCup, this is all automated for us, allowing us to get out more packages per day which enables us to promise more same day shipping to our customers. Now for most packages our shipping literally consists of a couple of clicks and we're done!

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